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    Nothing makes grocery shopping easier than having a quality seafood market in town! At Rey Mar Fish Market and Restaurant, it's our job to make sure you always have the freshest fish and finest local beers around.
    In addition to our market and bar, we are a seafood restaurant as well! Drop by for a quality selection of fresh seafood, prepared by passionate and experienced professionals.
    It's our aim to be the market you can count on in Louisville, KY for groceries, dining, beer, and atmosphere. Drop by and check the place out for yourself!
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Crab legs
Crab Legs

Our seafood market houses a variety of fresh seafood for you to purchase to cook in the comfort of your own home or dine on in Louisville, KY. When it comes to fresh, delectable crab legs, we promise some of the best options in the area. Check out our collection of fresh crab today!


Whether you want to try your own hand at cooking fresh lobster or want to dine on one our best recipes, stop by Rey Mar Fish Market and Restaurant. Our seafood restaurant offers everything on the menu for unforgettable seafood dining. We are always stocked with the freshest lobster selections around. We're here for your whole family to enjoy some delectable, classy fresh seafood.


Looking to enjoy some finely baked and fried shrimp? Rey Mar Fish Market and Restaurant offers a diverse selection of fresh shrimp for you to purchase at our seafood market. Make your next event in the Louisville, KY area one to enjoy with our seafood catering service. Don't settle for just any crab house. Go with the best.


See what our oyster bar has to offer by dropping by in Louisville, KY. We pride ourselves on giving you the most delicious oyster and shell-shucked options in the comfort of our seafood restaurant. Or, if you wish to enjoy this in the privacy of your own event or property, we also offer seafood delivery. There's no end to our options in fresh seafood.

Seafood buffet
Seafood Buffet

Looking for the finest seafood dining around? Enjoy our seafood buffet options with the freshest selection from the ocean. Whether you're looking forward to fresh crab or or some classic oyster bar favorites, our restaurant has it all. We offer one of the freshest seafood buffet table around.

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